You’ll hear from me…

Hello and welcome to my very first blog! First of all I’d like to thank the academy….

Well that escalated quickly. And already my first blog post is full of cliches and references to pop culture, and that’s just the way I like it. But seriously, I am very proud that I have started a blog, its something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. But you know, life gets in the way sometimes – one minute you are planning on starting a blog and the next you are lying on the couch in your flannelette pyjamas for the third night in a row watching The Block – Fans Vs Favourites. Productive.

But enough about that, I’ve started my blog so lets talk about that instead. You can expect to see more rambling posts like this one in the future, but it will get better than that, I promise! As I hope you’ve gathered from the name of said blog, my name is indeed Hannah. I’m majoring in Media and Communications at uni, so I quite enjoy writing, more-so when I am simply writing for the fun of it, and not for some 2000 word assignment that I begin the day before its due. I work best under pressure.

Although I’m in the final year of my degree, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m 22, and when I was 12 I probably thought that I’d have everything under control by age 22 but let me tell you kids, thats not the case. It is just so hard to decide which path to take especially when we have so many options. I thought that starting a blog would perhaps help me to decide if I’d like to pursue writing, so thats kind of what this is about. I’ll be posting about a whole range of things from current affairs, reviews and opinions, to the more significant, hard hitting things you want to know about, like what I ate today.

If you haven’t gotten bored or stopped reading by now I would just like to say thank you! I hope that you continue reading in the future and I’ll try to keep things interesting. And maybe, just MAYBE one day I’ll write some amazing, incredible, life changing blog post and you’ll want to tell every single person you meet about it. Then you’ll be able to say “I Heard it from Hannah”.

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