Have a quiet Saturday night they said. It’ll be fun they said.

renee_zellweger_bridget_jones-550x377As humans, its something we all have to face at some point in our lives. We dread it, try to tell ourselves that its not going to be as bad as we think, but there’s no denying it’ll be one of the longest nights of our lives. They say that you don’t look back on life and remember the nights you got a good nights sleep. That’s because you have to repress the memory.

Its Saturday night and you’ve decided to have a ‘quiet one’. Whatever the reason, whether you have an exam coming up, you’ve got work the next day, you can’t afford it, or you simply didn’t make plans, you try to tell yourself that it’s a good idea. It’s going to be ok. You’ll relax, you’ll catch up on study, you’ll watch a movie snuggled up on the couch smugly thinking about how mature you are, and how you’re ‘SO over going out’.

As the night goes on, you begin to wonder what your friends are up to. You needn’t wonder for long though because chances are you’ll be able to find out by checking every platform of social media. And you do. Constantly. Refreshing Instagram far more often than necessary and re-watching everyone’s MyStory’s on snap chat.

You use the fact that you’re not drinking this weekend as an excuse to justify the amount of chocolate you’re allowed to eat, because hey, you have extra calories to spare since you’re missing out on your usual vodka or 8. Ok I lied, I like to drink Bourbon and cola. Don’t judge me.

You continue to check what’s happening on Instagram and every snap chat actually makes your heart ache for the missed dance opportunities to ‘Drunk in Love’. You’ve kept so up to date with the goings on of the night out that you’ll probably have more memory of your friend’s night than they will.

You lie on the couch, watching your second movie of the night, thinking of all the fun you’re missing out on. Because everything looks more fun when you aren’t there. Project X

Fear of Missing Out is a real thing. It even makes an appearance in the Oxford Dictionary, under the acronym FOMO, defined as ”Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts on a social media website. “ This is when you diagnose your self with FOMO. And you hate all those mofo’s for making you experience FOMO.

The night continues to pass slowly, emphasized by the sound of the clock in your house, essentially ticking away your youth.

Finally you decide to put yourself out of your misery and go to bed, but you lie in your dark room, illuminated by the lit up rectangular screen of your iPhone, double checking how everyone else’s night is going, secretly glad that its past 1 o’clock and they only have a couple of hours of fun left.

It is not until the morning that you finally feel victorious, waking up after a refreshing night’s sleep, satisfied just imagining the hangovers you know everyone else will be suffering. Your only regret is the amount of chocolate you consumed the night before and you think to yourself what a genius decision it was to stay in last night!

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