A Tribute to Beccky

They say you don’t realise how full someone’s life is until they die.

Until the people who know them come together to celebrate their life. Until stories and cherished memories are shared. Until people talk about what an impact the person has had on their life.

Looking at Beccky’s Facebook page tonight, it is clear that she has lived a very full life in her 23 years. She’s touched the lives of so many, but it didn’t take her passing for us to know this about her.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Beccky will be aware of her health struggles, but more importantly they’ll know of her endless positivity, her smile and her unbelievable strength through it all.

Four years ago Beccky messaged me asking for advice about her Year 12 Drama performance. She was nervous, so I told her:

“Do it and enjoy it while it lasts. Think to yourself, this is my last chance in drama, my last chance to do something I love, so make the most of it. It sounds silly and a bit extreme but just imagine it’s the last performance you’ll ever give, and just give it your all. You only live once, so just pretend it’s the performance that people are going to remember you for.”

Reflecting on it, and drama aside, Beccky’s life was her greatest performance of all. She lived it to the full, she made the most of every moment and opportunity, and the courageous way in which she lived her life is something she will be remembered for.

Beccky might have wanted my advice on acting, but I think we should all follow her example when it comes to living.

I interviewed Beccky two years ago for a journalism assignment. We spoke about her kidney transplants, how her health had affected her life and how grateful she was for her family and the second chance she had been given. I asked her what it meant to her to have received kidney donations from her both her parents. “It means the world,” she told me, “I feel like no matter where I go I always have them with me. I feel loved and so overwhelmed. It’s hard to explain how it feels. It really is just an amazing gift of life.”

Like everyone I am so heartbroken to hear that Beccky is no longer with us. Beccky overcame so many challenges in her 23 years, but last night we lost her to cancer.

Despite her body losing its fight, we all know how strong Beccky’s spirit was. Through all her struggles she maintained her smile and unbelievable strength and that’s where she triumphed.

Beccky and I weren’t best friends, we rarely saw each other but we spoke occasionally and I feel so privileged to have known her, and to have been able to share some of her story.

Like I said, they say you don’t realise how full someone’s life is until they die and often we don’t tell people how much they mean to us when they are here.

Beccky was the exception. Her strength inspired all who knew her and people often told her how much they admired her. So take comfort in the fact that she probably left this world knowing how loved she was, and though her life was short, she well and truly left her mark on the world.


One thought on “A Tribute to Beccky

  1. What a beautiful story of one of the most amazing & inspirational young girl that I ever had the pleasure of knowing, may you rest in peace beautiful one. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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