When I settled in for a solo Netflix sesh tonight, I never imagined I’d be standing in my bedroom one hour and fifty-five minutes later, butt naked (save for my I ❤ NY t-shirt), crying, with my hands stretched to the sky.

Excuse the slightly inappropriate visual but I couldn’t help but tear up as an epic score built around me and Tony Robbins voice, a deep, husky voice like no other, blared from my MacBook Pro. Not your average Monday night, huh?

I’m an emotional person to begin with. I watch proposal videos for fun and the other day I cried remembering when Dobby the house-elf died in Harry Potter (My friends can confirm – they were on the receiving end of some runny nose, ugly-crying-face snapchats, #nofilter) but I found Tony Robbin’s I Am Not Your Guru documentary absolutely moving.

He talks a lot about breakthroughs and I doubted I’d be experiencing anything particularly life-changing from the highlight reel of a six day seminar filmed in the US in 2014, but I can safely say that I had a few revelations throughout and I spent a good part of the two hour duration crying.

Filmed over the course of the seminar, the documentary follows Robbin’s from his California home to Boca Raton, Florida where his Date with Destiny seminar is attended by 2500 each year.

I won’t go into anymore detail on the documentary – what’s the point when you can watch it and experience it for yourself? – but I will say this. There is nothing like watching people on the precipice of change, people so psyched and high on life that they are dancing and clapping and shouting as if they are at the best party in the world.

Some of the people you’ll meet are on the verge of taking their own life and are attending the seminar in a last ditch effort to find meaning and purpose. Like I said, it’s moving stuff. 

I love seeing people experiencing raw emotion – it’s what makes us human – and Tony Robbins, in all his rockstar-like, big-chested glory, has a gift for getting all the feels. 

The Los Angeles Times described it perfectly –

“Spellbinding…. A concert of human emotion. It may change your life.”

I’m not usually one to write movie reviews but when something makes me ‘feel’, I can’t help myself.

If you are still wondering why I stood pantless in my room, bawling and waving my hands in the air, I suggest you schedule in a Netflix-without-the-chill sesh ASAP.

PLEASE NOTE: I am big on participation, so I actively took part in whatever Tony Robbins was telling his audience to do

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Removing your pants is NOT a requirement, I just happened to not be wearing pants at the time…

Me lol.





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