Musings On A Supermoon

artwork by @mysticmamma

Isn’t it wonderful that despite everything that has been happening in the world this past week – protests, a controversial election, an earthquake – us humans can still stop in our tracks and gaze at the moon?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately – or in a bunker, depending how terrified you are about the Trump presidency –  you’d know that last night, we were lucky enough to bear witness to a supermoon.

It was the closest that great mysterious orb has been to earth since 1948 and thousands turned out to catch a glimpse. Like many Melburnians, I missed out thanks to some inconvenient cloud cover, but it kind of warmed my heart to know that flocks of strangers were gathered down on the beach, rugged up, eyes towards the sky, just waiting for the moon to make an appearance. And it wasn’t just people in my immediate vicinity that braved the night – all around the country – nay, the world – people set up camp to catch the sunset and hopefully sight the supermoon as it peeked over the horizon.

With all the distractions and man made wonders we have in this day and age, it’s comforting to know that we can still come together and be left in awe of the natural wonders that surround us. In a time where there are divisions between us, the fact that nature has the power to unite us restores my faith in humanity a little.

You could stand two people from opposite ends of the earth together, in front of any natural phenomenon, supermoon or sea, and for a moment, their differences don’t matter. Their skin colour, religion, place of origin – none of it matters. All that matters is the way their eyes light up in awe, the way goosebumps crawl over their skin and the way their heart feels full. When something beautiful moves us, we all  experience the same physiological reaction – proof of our shared humanity. 

The hype may have faded, the moon may be back to its normal size tonight and it’s likely that you’ve gone back to your daily lives and distractions, but I urge you not to forget about the constant presence of beauty around us. Take pleasure in a vast ocean, a fragrant flower or a starry sky. For the opportunity to be in awe is always there. The opportunity to share a moment of humanity is always there. Sometimes we just need to look up.


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